Cliff talks about playing bass in AC/DC ⚡️

  • Twobarpsi

    The Razors Edge was released in 1990 🤦‍♂️

  • Dave Walker
    Dave Walker

    First time I've ever heard this man speak.

  • John Foreman
    John Foreman

    Cliff doesn’t get as much of the praise as some of the others, but he really should. I’ll say this, I’d be nowhere near as thrilled to be watching an AC/DC show and see anyone else but him in that position.

  • Piotr Szewczyk
    Piotr Szewczyk

    He did an album called The Razor’s Edge” with us. He might have added we had a small hit called Thunderstruck

  • Daniel Johnson
    Daniel Johnson

    You rock , Cliff 🤘

  • Beefy McWhatnow
    Beefy McWhatnow

    Love ya daddy Cliff!

  • JDTX

    Cliff: you have the best position of ANY R&R player of all time. You’re tall, have a full head of hair, are never shaken, and rock solid. Lord, I wish I had your height , hair and talent!

  • James Van Hest
    James Van Hest

    The thing I love about AC/DC is that they make me feel like I've been friends with them for years, even though I haven't met them. I feel like I'm having a conversation with them when I watch stuff like interviews even though I've never been able to say anything to them. They always puts a smile on my face and make me happy, ever since I first got into AC/DC before I could walk. thank you AC/DC. You've inspired me as a 17 year old to pick up my guitar, microphone, drums and bass and give it my best shot to make more rock n roll in the world.

  • Dave Clark
    Dave Clark

    As a bass player myself and a big AC/DC fan I've always loved listening to Cliff bring it out and lay it down, I'm always looking at bass tab of AC/DC's music and i incorporate a lot of Cliff's licks and runs into my own music he's one of the best I've ever seen

  • Dibbo 92
    Dibbo 92

    Criminally Underrated Bassist Cliff William Is Awesome But As Usual A Lot Of Bass Players Don’t Get The Recognition They Deserve

  • Damo P
    Damo P

    What an absolute legend

  • Teacher 1300
    Teacher 1300

    So glad the band got together again to bring us the 2020 highlight of a difficult year with PWR UP!

  • Sixjac

    But all that era was lucky, these days that opportunity does not exist!! And Australia also is no where what it used to be!!

  • 394pjo

    Bass player in AC/DC is the best job in the world. Playing one note for fifty years and getting paid for it? The only job that comes this close is the Cowbell player in Blue Oyster Cult. Man, what a gig.

  • JDTX

    The coolest guy in rock. Does his job perfectly, is modest, and is super-cool. I’m bald, 60 years old, and am very envious of his long hair and how he has stayed in shape. Then he said “God Bless”. That’s all I needed to hear. A great ambassador of rock and roll!

  • JP Merrick
    JP Merrick

    Love ya cliff bass on new album good

  • ethanhenley6611

    AC/DC so good

  • marchatesyou1

    cliff & phil together might just be unbeatable, idk

  • Sterling Price
    Sterling Price

    All of the AcDc band mates are so polite and humble, soft spoken. You'd never guess they were rock n roll stars if you didn't know them.

  • D3ath8yBac0n

    Cliff plays with all the power of a Thunder God! Silent legend.

  • Gerry Ogilvie
    Gerry Ogilvie

    I must admit I was never a fan but I can now see how amazing the band are ...didn't this all first begin with the Easybeats ? That is where the seed was planted.

  • puntagordy

    I met Cliff at Target. He has a winter home right down the road from me.

    • puntagordy

      @Chicken Parma Yes I do.

    • Chicken Parma
      Chicken Parma

      You live in FL?

  • John Paul George Franz Rongen
    John Paul George Franz Rongen


  • Stacy Gross
    Stacy Gross

    Where can I get a pair of those horns?!

    • parrotprodigy productions
      parrotprodigy productions

      Go to Amazon and type in "ac/dc horns" or ac/dc horn hats". Hope you find what you're looking for! 👍🏻

  • André

    Cliff is a bass genius, period. Then he's gentle like all the members of the band.

  • Yeyo Azucar
    Yeyo Azucar

    The real Bass Man💯🤘

  • Sam S
    Sam S

    Thank you Cliff for coming out of retirement to reform the band in 2018-2019 to give us an excellent album in late 2020.

  • mikemichaelmusic09

    I've met cliff and he's a down to earth kinda guy.

  • Alan Peters
    Alan Peters

    He was hiding his true feelings in this interview because he left shortly after this because he said it just wasn't the same without Phil and Brian, and that's why he came back now because they are back, and the new album kicks ass I think it's the best album since Back in Black.

  • elbuenjavonoso

    A shy and quiet guy, but no one understands AC/DC like he does and because of that, this band has that great sound.

  • MufflerSponge

    Glad to see ya back

  • Bear R.-
    Bear R.-

    Cliff is the Best..a super great Bass player & perfect fit for AC⚡DC..!!!

  • Curious man Man
    Curious man Man

    Glad to see Cliff back for their new album.The chemistry is still there.👍🎸

  • david pare
    david pare

    I appreciate the man he is, he is humble, I respect him and he is a very good bassist

  • Frederick Moller
    Frederick Moller

    To me Axel Rose 'ruined' the band when he was 'onboard' with ACDC, I'm 'glad' that he's gone now!!!!

    • bluebandit834

      Jesus, another one. I think Axl is as much of a douche as the next guy but everyone bashing him on this is either tonedeaf or are just bashing him for his personality, which I'll admit, usually does suck. The truth is musically he did a pretty damn good job. Far better than he sings his own stuff live, which is what I expected when I heard he was hired for this and like most I thought Angus was nuts bringing him onboard. For the vast majority of the performances the truth is he was on key, in time and he even managed to behave himself. It wasn't perfect, especially with Chris Slade drumming without a swing in his beat the whole time which personally drives me up a wall lol. To each their own I guess. I enjoyed it even though what I heard were cell phone recordings with a potato for a microphone. If they ever release a live cut, I'd buy it.

  • John Riley
    John Riley

    Fuck Axl Rose.

  • BillowsPillow

    Nice to see him talk a bit. Dude wasn't even MENTIONED, let alone was interviewed, for their Behind the Music back in 2000-ish.

  • Terry Smithson
    Terry Smithson

    Angus said when they hired Cliff, it was because his style was a good fit, and he was a very good bassist. They also thought his good looks would attract more women fans. lol


    Cuando sacan um dvd en vivo con axel rose o del año 2015 con brian

  • Mark Trehy
    Mark Trehy

    He's still got the hair style he had in the 70s

  • João Victor
    João Victor

    Esse é o famoso 1 nota KkKkKkKk?

  • T1000jts Android
    T1000jts Android

    С возвращением)))))))!!!!!

  • MiCkLe In A PiCkLe
    MiCkLe In A PiCkLe

    Such a humble sweet guy. Not like most of these celebrity musos.

  • Steve Murrell
    Steve Murrell

    Great to have you back Cliff! Power Up!!

  • William Kerr
    William Kerr

    Hows the tinnitus?

  • Mark Markofkane
    Mark Markofkane

    Good bassist!!!

  • Southern American Lady Rocker Fan 1998
    Southern American Lady Rocker Fan 1998

    Glad your back Cliff but I would have loved you with or without AC/DC, and the same for Brian, we (the fans) really love you no matter what. But I am glad your back!

  • Davide Comparin Official
    Davide Comparin Official

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  • Dann Alexander
    Dann Alexander

    Absolutely one of the all-time greats. You don't need to be fancy, you just need to be.

  • rando doom
    rando doom

    sin city

  • Byron swart
    Byron swart

    Rock Solid!!

  • Albert Vasutoga
    Albert Vasutoga

    N he's back

  • MarkanVaran7

    Very underrated bass guitarist. His bass on shot down in flames for example is marvelous. That groove...

  • Stacy Medina
    Stacy Medina

    Cliffs got some amazing hair 🤘

  • nonedescriptivepresence.

    My favourite AC/DC bassline 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 E: 0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0

  • nukulus

    I love the whole band. But if I had to choose one for my favorite member, It would be Angus.

  • Rick Meyer
    Rick Meyer

    The best Bass players are all named Cliff



  • Mexican Zeppelin
    Mexican Zeppelin

    Rhythm monsters, could embarrass a metronome. That rhythm behind Angus' antics out on the tiles during Let There Be Rock, I've never heard anything so completely reliable. It just gives me chills to flip back and forth from Angus to that rhythm, that undying, unyielding, rock solid rhythm. This band and Zeppelin knew the value of the rhythm section. I wonder why they are both iconic?

  • Guillermo Prado
    Guillermo Prado

    Cliff maestro ojala que vuelvas para 2021

  • James Barrick
    James Barrick

    What a brutal job. Cliff did well for himself! And he did not hire any hit-men BONUS!

  • Lars Tinderholt
    Lars Tinderholt

    To me his accent sounds more Australian than Londoner. Is that right? Anyone

  • Hampton Manufacturing
    Hampton Manufacturing

    Axel rose did awesome with these guys. Much respect for him..

  • Rich

    Nice genuine, cool bloke

  • Paul Farmer
    Paul Farmer

    Love a dude who enjoys his work? What do you put on your resume if need be after 40 years, tried to stay out of Angus’ way for 40 years. Lol

  • D Wade
    D Wade

    Cliff is WAAAAY underrated. Solid player whos great live in concert.

  • ZoZrOszOsz 0407
    ZoZrOszOsz 0407

    R.I.P. Cliff... Burton

  • Diggerdog2nd

    Since Cliff has now retired it would be cool to bring back Mark Evans. Probably won't happen though.

  • Nicolas Gonzalez
    Nicolas Gonzalez

    cliff, thanks. n.n

  • Joe Hicks
    Joe Hicks

    Cliff, I have been listening to you since 1977 so I have been with you since you started. You are a great bassist. Have been able to enjoy the band for all these years and it has been one hell of a ride. Thank you. Long live AC/DC.

  • Elix Tido
    Elix Tido

    Cliff has always gone about his business and is perfect at it.

  • paul summers
    paul summers

    Never knew they had a bassist...

  • Recabite Jehonadab
    Recabite Jehonadab

    He’s got a great head of hair still !

  • Palootski !!!
    Palootski !!!

    Come on Cliff:....:, Axl was HORRIBLE as the front man for the GREATEST rock band ever -- AC/DC !!!!! I bet Bon is still rolling over !!!!!

  • moncorp1 Inc
    moncorp1 Inc

    Phil Rudd. The only member of ACDC born in Australia. True story

  • James Ramsey
    James Ramsey

    Great player who knew his role.

  • Mike Forte
    Mike Forte

    The greatest band in addiction since 1976.....AC/DC nobody but nobody in my book compares to them....AC/DC and the three stooges prevent and cure depression..

    • Joe Hicks
      Joe Hicks

      AMEN BROTHER!!! Since 1977 here.

  • Doug Ewing
    Doug Ewing

    Legendary band.. I've been a fan since 1978

    • Joe Hicks
      Joe Hicks

      Since 1976 here.

  • Layne Thomas
    Layne Thomas

    I hated Axl Rose for the longest time because he fucked up a concert in Auburn Hills, Michigan. I was so mad at him that I stopped listening to Guns N' Roses altogether. That was in the 90s. THEN on an AC/DC tour Brian Johnson lost his hearing. So Axl Rose stepped up and finished the tour w/AC/DC AND THAT WAS FUCKING HEROIC Y'ALL!!!!! Axl Rose is now a rock star hero for all time. God bless W. Axl Rose!!!!

  • james stafford
    james stafford


  • Anthony Costanzo
    Anthony Costanzo

    Underrated genius

  • Chanxy

    Cliff literally is the entire backbone of most songs in the Back in Black and albums after that. He’s also the backbone of the song Who Made Who

  • paul frehley
    paul frehley

    chris slade is an amazing drummer

    • MarkanVaran7

      Agreed but Phil is better

  • David Doyle
    David Doyle

    Very underrated Bass player with out him AC/DC would never have that special sound they have. Angus, Brian which are mostly heard from it would be nice to hear more from Cliff I swear Bass players and the one's that have been with a band for ages never get the recognition they deserve with all the cool sounds they come up with to make a song sound great with out them heavy music or music in general would sound really flat and boring bass gives music that drive.

    • bluebandit834

      They beefed up his tone and his volume in the new album. Much more powerful sounding but somehow still nicely balanced.

  • Harlan Mote
    Harlan Mote

    Axle was a turn off for me.

    • Dale Wyatt
      Dale Wyatt

      Brian's ears are fixed. Apparently he is back. I've never been an Axle fan.

    • bluebandit834

      @JayDee LOL. Something tells me ticket sales would have dropped like a rock after the first time they tried that. Probably would have resulted in a riot too. I'd be pretty pissed if I paid 100 bucks for a concert ticket and there was no lead singer. You stand there and sing if you want to but if it were Axl would say.... "I'm going home!' (MIC SLAM) ;)

    • bluebandit834

      People sure are coming down hard on Axl and I got to admit when I first heard he was finishing the tour with them I was highly skeptical and even scoffed because we all know how good he can be when he wants to but the Axl we usually get is the whining, bitching shithead who shows up late and then takes his tardiness out on the crowd with a crummy performance and a shit attitude. Throwing the microphone and stomping off, stopping the show to bitch about his life etc... My first thought was maybe Angus should get checked for dementia as well! However, after I heard it I was thoroughly impressed. He wasn't as good as Brian or Bon but he did an excellent job on short notice, sang quite a few Bon Scott tunes Brian cant do and even managed to behave himself, respect his bandmates and put forth an honest effort. If they ever make those shows into a live album, I'd buy it. It's just too bad he can't sing that well for his own band most of the time. If you ask me you are all blaming the wrong person. Angus is the one who hired him. Musically he actually did a respectable job. People just don't like it because well.... lets face it... Axl can be a dick! He is getting better about it though.

    • JayDee

      Yup. AC/DC is working class blue jeans no drama double fisting living every minute hard rock n roll. Axle had no f$cking business sharing that stage! Let the audience sing in respect to Bon & Brian. Every single Stadium would have still been packed with voice.

    • Abe Lincoln
      Abe Lincoln

      he was there for a month , so they could finish the tour. Get over it.

  • Jerry Attwooll
    Jerry Attwooll

    The greatest rhythm section in rocknroll in my humble opinion, Malcolm RIP, Cliff and Phil Rudd. It is their foundation upon which AC/DC's sound is built. Without the swing that they provide it just wouldn't sound the same. A lot of bands (Krokus, Rhino Bucket, Airborne, Burnt Out Wreck) try to sound like AC/DC and produce entertaining music, but they can't quite replicate the feel and that swing that the classic DC rhythm section had.

    • bluebandit834

      @Jerry Atwooll I always did like Krokus because of their rhythm section. You're right though, noone does it quite like AC/DC and it's a lot harder to reproduce than naive people think it is. It may look like those three have the easiest job on the planet behind Brian and Angus just holding a solid rhythm but it's a lot more intricate than most ppl realize and these guys are absolutely masterful in their performance. The most solid backbone in rock and roll.

    • Jack Thomson
      Jack Thomson

      @bluebandit834 I agree with you now 👆👍👍 wrote that comment a while ago

    • bluebandit834

      @Jack Thomson Rudd's timing is flawless but there is a "Swing" in his beat that is required for the proper sound. A simple accented stagger in the hihat and a late snare pretty much is the main difference. You can hit the bass drum a touch early too putting a little more delay between it and the snare for added effect. There is a trick with the hihat he does as well that not only make it half the effort but also gives it a different accent and tone by making every other strike towards the top of the hihat with the tip of the stick and the egde of it with the side of the stick. Watch him carefully sometime , It's slick as hell and he can do it all while smoking a cigarette!

    • bluebandit834

      Rudd is the foundation of that swing too. That's why Chris Slade only sounds good on The Razor's Edge material. He was their drummer when they did it and it meshed well but the rest of their music was all pretty much written with Rudd behind the kit and as Brian Johnson says "If it doesn't swing, it doesn't mean a thing.." The rest of the music feels sloppy and unorganized with Slade drumming because it just doesn't quite fit.

    • matwat

      @Jack Thomson Always swingin, there's even an interview with Angus where he explains what he means by saying they're a Rock n Roll Band and not a Rock Band.

  • RandomBotDude 05
    RandomBotDude 05

    He’s really underrated as an AC/DC band member. Most people overlook him and go to Angus, Malcolm, and Brian, and of course Bon too.

    • Joe Hicks
      Joe Hicks

      This is so true. In all my years of listening to rock it seems like most of the time the bassist is least shown or spoken about. They all deserve equal recognition as they are the driving force behind the band.

  • Henry Gondorff
    Henry Gondorff

    Perfect Band

  • Boo Radley
    Boo Radley

    🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️. Long LIVE AC/DC

  • Boo Radley
    Boo Radley

    LEGEND AND they all seem just like normal guys .... and they are HUGE ROCK ALL OF THEM INCLUDING BON SCOTT RIP ..


    Cliff has the sweetest job in the world.🤘🏻

  • My Turkish Life
    My Turkish Life

    Powerage has always been my favourite album, still have the original album 😁

  • Wolfgang Markus Gstrein
    Wolfgang Markus Gstrein

    They really took off with Cliff on bass. The perfect pick! He had that certain less is more thing to add. Very underrated as a bass player, Cliff Williams! Absolutely not ego driven like todays lead bassists.

    • t. M.
      t. M.

      The whole band is less is more. Pure energy. Casuals wouldn't understand.

    • Joe Hicks
      Joe Hicks


    • Ken Surrency
      Ken Surrency

      It’s all about the song. Not the player.

  • Daniel Lekardal
    Daniel Lekardal

    No one plays those bass lines better than Cliff. Try playing those 8th notes as perfect as he does. Finest craftsman on bass in rock music.

  • BeatlesandStones

    WHats the opening track in the background please

    • BeatlesandStones

      @Anthony Sheridan thank you. Jesus your profile picture scared the fuck out of me 😂😂

    • Anthony Sheridan
      Anthony Sheridan

      BeatlesandStones sin city

  • Ursula Dörner
    Ursula Dörner

    AC DC🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Crue

    This is why I love bands like ACDC there fans of there own fans

    • Joe Hicks
      Joe Hicks

      My sentiment exactly. They work hard to please the fans with no hype or egos from any of them. And they do that very well. God bless them.

  • Steve James
    Steve James

    Absolute Legend

    • Joe Hicks
      Joe Hicks

      As is the whole band. Don't know of any other bands that have played so hard to please their fans.....and they do that so very well.

  • Sheldon Lee
    Sheldon Lee

    People...Its Time..Remember Bon Scott and MALCOLM

    • Sheldon Lee
      Sheldon Lee

      @Joe Hicks Reee

    • Joe Hicks
      Joe Hicks

      A M E N !!!!!

  • Aimoré Ramos Teixeira
    Aimoré Ramos Teixeira

    Sin City

9 milj.