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  • Tony Stark Industries
    Tony Stark Industries

    "Hey! How yoi doin'?"

  • Fireflow vlogs reason I wanna vlog
    Fireflow vlogs reason I wanna vlog


  • Bengt Lindqvist
    Bengt Lindqvist

    True fact: Brian was a paratrooper during military service and a choirboy in his youth. (Source:AC/DC Max Rock n Roll) Bless you Mr Johnson

  • · νìνiαи мαdαlэиα ·
    · νìνiαи мαdαlэиα ·

    Oh my god ... I love u so much! ♥️

  • Bryce Smith
    Bryce Smith


  • T L
    T L

    Last one to the Pub buys a round

  • Deathsinger 969
    Deathsinger 969

    Thanks for all of you and your whole team, I‘m so happy that you are a part of my live, you goddamn legends!

  • welldressedRAt

    the one's who hated this are obviously uncultured

  • little ray mac j
    little ray mac j

    I listened to acdc in school when we in pe my pe teacher plays his music

  • Andre Romero
    Andre Romero

    Pongan subtitulos porfavor

  • Heath Todd
    Heath Todd

    Anyone catch the grief at the end when he forgot about Malcolm 😢😢 We love you so much Brian. Rest In Peace Malcom Young ❤️

  • Scott Hall
    Scott Hall

    We love you Brian!!! And thank God you are back kicking major ass!!! Rip Malcolm and Bon🙏

  • bhupin dhimal
    bhupin dhimal

    You are legend❤💙✔

  • DJ Thompson
    DJ Thompson

    Yes I agree

  • si joy
    si joy

    What are those speakers in the background 😍 they’re awesome 😎

  • MzJinYa AKA: Salty_Jin
    MzJinYa AKA: Salty_Jin

    Hi Brian 😘🥰😍

  • Jason Soberano
    Jason Soberano

    With respect, I love you!

  • Jason Soberano
    Jason Soberano

    In the Brazil, please...please!

  • Emy-Joan Kaufmann
    Emy-Joan Kaufmann

    May I please say briefly that these guys are just legends. I got the album on November 15th. Greetings from Germany. ❤️ you are the best makes continue so love your music.

  • Ferlin Sovereign
    Ferlin Sovereign

    Thank you Brian , great job !

  • SR 1968
    SR 1968

    The release of AC/DC’s Power Up in 2020, was the only good thing in that year from hell. Let’s hope 2021 is a better year. God bless you Brian and the rest of the members of AC/DC.

  • Aleksander Jurgiel
    Aleksander Jurgiel

    We have to thank you for such an amazing album love u guys♡♡♡ please make more albums and go back live

  • Тень охотника
    Тень охотника

    Здоровья,вам парни!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lisa Manning
    Lisa Manning

    A fantastic album, missed you guys - ROCK ON

  • mark wilding
    mark wilding

    40 years ago if you had to leave your kids with ACDC or Rolf Harris, what a terrible mistake we all would have made.

  • Robin Hood Productions Ltd.
    Robin Hood Productions Ltd.

    AC/DC lives on forever. To all you Aussies who are watching this video: Compliment regards to Brian who made Acca Dacca so special. As a Floridian I can only say this: You are a high voltage rock band, Ack-Deck! (That's how I call "AC/DC" from where I live.) Stay strong, Brian Johnson, and stay strong, Ack-Deck!

  • Garrett Brown
    Garrett Brown

    Brian,I'm a bass player in an ACDC tribute band in Ireland preparing to gig once all this Covid crap is over. I saw you guys play live in Dublin around mid 80s and wow, what a show!!! Your down to earth honesty and appreciation is well respected and will continue to stand by you guys through think and thin.

  • Brandon basoco
    Brandon basoco

    I'm watching this while drinking out of my acdc mug

  • Casablancas J
    Casablancas J

    So sad when he says Malcolm 💔

  • BeMiken Tales
    BeMiken Tales

    why does this only have 400k views?

  • Samsquash 68
    Samsquash 68

    Thank you for coming back for this new album Brian, we really needed this after the year the world has had, I've been a fan since Highway to Hell, you picked up where Bon left off and never looked back and I can't remember the last time I got so many goosebumps listening to an album, I'm literally freezing right now, you've made a fitting tribute to Malcolm, rock on Mal.

  • thomas huey
    thomas huey

    Great stuff guys - what a come back

  • Oliver Trunk
    Oliver Trunk

    You are a fine guy Brian. I like to see the 125 bad thumbs down runned down by the 36282 good thumbs up 😋🤓

  • Dr. Bari
    Dr. Bari

    it gonna be shit virtual, you know that Brian. we love seeing you guys on the stage only.

  • Mike Hunt2
    Mike Hunt2

    Like that speaker 🔊 on stage right viewers left, it looks too haughty to play AC/DC...you know like Bose.

  • Brian K.
    Brian K.

    Brian thanking us for sticking with them through thick and thin. I say the feeling is mutual. Thanks AC/DC for sticking around, to keep the soundtrack to our lives rockin'. Hooyah!

  • Kadeen Khalif-Ali
    Kadeen Khalif-Ali

    shoot thetrill and ready to kill ,brian is the best person i want to meet him i am 12 yrs old and i was born in 2007 and my favourite band is still acdc

  • Edgar Alan
    Edgar Alan

    Brian you are so humble and genuine, you and the band deserve all the best life can give, thank you for a nice message.

  • satturnine


  • Jose

    Que humildad, increíble.

  • Angelo Neal
    Angelo Neal

    The music you want if you are going to war. The fighting spirit.

  • BTK Google
    BTK Google

    No THANK YOU! There has not been many days in my life since 1980 that I have not had Back in Black playing at home, in the car or in the gym. The greatest album ever put out. The latest album is an expected addition to the long stream of great music that you all have created. Malcom is proud and certainly looking down on the band smiling. We, your fans, are ever present for the ride, the entire ride, whatever it may be. Thank you again from the center of my being and ROCK ON!!!!!

  • Redmond Rider
    Redmond Rider

    With that normal talking voice, you would expect him to sing jazz... BIG ASS NOPE, HE ROCKIN!

  • BeeTheImmortal

    Gotta say, the whole album is brilliant, but No Man's Land, Code Red and Why Do They Kick You When You're Down fucking rule

  • Nicholas Henderson
    Nicholas Henderson

    Great video!! Can you come play Newcastle!! Legend!

  • NeverLoseYourself

    Brian Power Up is Incredible!! Absolutely Incredible!!

  • Michael Fataaikitama
    Michael Fataaikitama

    We Salute You. Thank you for the music.

  • Stephanie Ball
    Stephanie Ball

    I want to know if Brian Johnson was in Ukiah, California like two weeks ago maybe less because my son works at Big Lots and he told me he saw Brian there I’m just curious if that ever happened

  • Neil Silvester
    Neil Silvester

    Legend.... I was devastated when acdc had axl rose singing with them it wasn't right... Great to see you back brian....

  • KH2837

    Yall are awesome! All the way back to my high school days! Just as good if not better now!!

  • Bungle975

    You’ve gotta love Brian! The guy sang on one of the biggest selling albums of ALL time and doesn’t have a single shred of ego about it. Always gives back to the fans.

  • deborah halbert
    deborah halbert

    Thank you for keeping us sane during these crazy times!

  • mike parsons
    mike parsons

    Love this new album, its awesome. Keep up the good work. Please be safe to all of you

  • QA-137

    From Syria we love you ❤⚡

  • Mark Ragsdale
    Mark Ragsdale

    A hardcore fan for over 40 years now. Love ya Brian! Thanks for that! Let's see ya in Los Angeles soon!

  • Robi Rock
    Robi Rock

    What a human. 💘

  • Patrick Somazzi
    Patrick Somazzi

    You are a Legend Brian!!!! Greetings from Switzerland!!!

  • pat watson
    pat watson

    top bloke...he seem like one o yer mates eh:)

  • CantStopRockin_

    Brian is so humble and a genuinely nice guy, he makes you feel more like a friend than just a fan

  • Daniel Lalonde
    Daniel Lalonde

    Peace men, take care, we love you.

  • noel vickers
    noel vickers

    I love how he has all of his albums on the wall

  • Mike Nicolosi
    Mike Nicolosi

    brian you have a great pair of tube amps premalunas well take care im 50 been listen since i was 8

  • Marko Tonkovic
    Marko Tonkovic

    Brian is the GOAT of making me smile

  • Jonathan Hudak
    Jonathan Hudak

    As if we didn't know it already but this video further proves it, Brian Johnson is just a nice down-to-earth regular guy who happens to be the singer in one of the greatest rock and roll bands in the world...

  • Tm66 images
    Tm66 images



    I cant wait til my next ac/dc concert only this time im bringin my sons im teachin them what real rock n roll is!!!! AC/DC RULES!!!!!

  • Daniel Johnson
    Daniel Johnson

    "The AC⚡DC fighting spirit" , Brian said !👊💥 !

  • metal mark
    metal mark

    Hi Brian! I chose Ozzy over ACDC in 91 cuz I love ozzy but I seen you around 2010 the rock Train Concert!

  • b mc
    b mc

    keep rockin Brian..great vid

  • When Im Clownin
    When Im Clownin


  • The Terminator
    The Terminator

    Let their be ROCK !! God saw that it was Good !! 😇

  • Charlie Young
    Charlie Young

    Can’t believe their still going on strong considering they lost Bon and Malcom

  • Grape- Man
    Grape- Man

    I'm waiting to see him turn into a super sayjin while singing

  • Matevž Koren
    Matevž Koren


  • Jake Stapleton
    Jake Stapleton

    What a great man. I love Acdc

  • zudemaster

    Love AC/DC, without a doubt one of the greatest bands of all time. And for those fans who have never seen it: fishows.info/post/pKx5p6u1e3q-1qs/videot.html

  • the real fear da fantom
    the real fear da fantom

    Top 5 best lead singers in bands 5 Steve perry (journey) 4 Freddie mucury (queen) 3 Ozzy Osbourne (black Sabbath) 2 john lennen (beatles) 1 Brian Johnson (ac/DC)

  • Kevin Siffermann
    Kevin Siffermann

    Thanks Brian...let me know if ya need any fans from the video. Close by in Bradenton Florida. Thx Brian

  • I am grateful
    I am grateful

    I learned AC/DC before ABCD. Much respect Brian

  • Arthis 98
    Arthis 98

    We're can I send a letter to Angus and Brian I have something I really want to send them

  • Daniel Johnson
    Daniel Johnson

    Brian rocks 🤘

  • John Oyer
    John Oyer

    Never forget a part of your life that made you happy!

  • Héctor Fabián Pérez
    Héctor Fabián Pérez


  • Bodo Klewer
    Bodo Klewer

    Einer der Größten 👍 Gruß aus Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Germany 👍👍👍😁

  • Eaton Black
    Eaton Black

    Thank you AC/DC

  • Sergio Bernal
    Sergio Bernal

    I like this album, you are the best band I know, all songs are kind of energy, that's a electrical power. Where the fans of AC/DC? everybody like if you enjoy AC/DC songs. Bye bye. What is your the best song for you?

  • How to play guitar
    How to play guitar

    I like his voice

  • Daniel Sahn
    Daniel Sahn

    #NoWoundedLeftBehind #Amen

  • Luca La Paglia
    Luca La Paglia

    I hope the song is through the mists of time, it seems to be everyone's favourite

  • I love Rock n' roll
    I love Rock n' roll


  • Jaxn9ne

    I have bin listening to your music for 4 years

  • mike bite
    mike bite

    ac/dc rules

  • Loan Nguyễn
    Loan Nguyễn

    carmen and corey

  • stoneygreek

    Brian I have the exact same wood edge on my bar in my man cave. It has held up many an elbow. your always welcome to take a lean!

  • Gareth Buckeridge
    Gareth Buckeridge

    Santa delivered the new PWRUP album and I have been playing it over the festive period and it is brilliant. A lot of Thunderstruck riffs kicking in. Looking forward to a UK tour in 2022 guys...

  • Виктор Цымбалов
    Виктор Цымбалов

    От к сердцу к сердцу.

  • Big Gun
    Big Gun

    Cheers, boys! If you’re bored, crack on and record another album!

  • Bobette Jennett
    Bobette Jennett

    He is a down to earth kind of guy. Brian is awesome.

  • Nate Storm
    Nate Storm

    You know you're metal, when you don't lose your hearing from playing hundreds of concerts in front of thousands, you lose it from driving race cars.

  • Kelster Von Shredster
    Kelster Von Shredster

    God bless you guys.....the only band I'd stop a bullet for! Cannot imagine my life without ACDC.......keep on rocking as long as you fucking can!