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  • Matthew Holonitch
    Matthew Holonitch

    That ending must've scared at least one person


    Tienen que subtitular las notas!!

  • Симон Маг
    Симон Маг

    AC/DC - как вино - чем больше выдержка - тем ценнее содержимое. Я пьянею!

  • kao kaji
    kao kaji


  • codjh9

    And his nephew Stevie is doing a great job.

  • licks n kicks
    licks n kicks

    Playing in a band is the best feeling ever. Playing ACDC in a band with your mates is is the best high ever. No better feeling ! ACDC gives life a whole new meaning especially during this COVID crisis.

  • Joe Harris
    Joe Harris

    Let there be talk!

  • jeffro503

    Rip Malcolm. Thank you for rocking my heart out since the mid 70's. Thanks for all the musioc that helped me get through all my younger years in the 80's and 90's. Just thanks , for all of it.

  • Hammeredprawn

    Malcom thanks for all your Rythms and backings brother ! Will never forget your years of service to the best band to have ever lived

  • Gamma Corvi
    Gamma Corvi

    So, don't gimme no Don't you gimme no Don't you gimme no Don't you gimme no lies You can't stop rock 'n' roll You can't stop rock 'n' roll Don't you gimme no whine...

  • Ettore Mazzei
    Ettore Mazzei


  • Luka Makovec
    Luka Makovec

    new album is realesed *Mal and Bon's coffin: starts to open

  • Максим Даньков
    Максим Даньков

    Надеюсь это ююкто нибудь переведёт на русский

  • stuarttacey

    You can always rely on AC/DC. Consistent quality through the years and the new single sounds great. The guys seem ageless.

  • Jochen Amos Hansen
    Jochen Amos Hansen

    Yes it is true,we are all passengers on the Titanic,but instead of lifeboards,we got AC⚡DC that let us levitate over the water in times like these...

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu

    Aww Mal would be so proud of the boys for moving on and sparking the music world again. You can tell Angus misses his big brother

  • Squidward’s House
    Squidward’s House

    Malcolm and Bon were probably sitting on the amps, while the songs were recorded whiskeys in hand having a good time. RIP Both of them.

  • Zoe Zo Zo
    Zoe Zo Zo

    Angus is cool

    • bocoy noiu
      bocoy noiu

      AC/DC FOREVER!!!

  • Edgerider Rocks
    Edgerider Rocks

    R.I.P. Malcolm. No one can take your place or fill you shoes.

  • Kjell Esperås
    Kjell Esperås

    Those lads are the REAL DEAL. DC FOREWER NORWAY

  • it's_me_dex1212


  • cloroform_boss

    The Masters. Best band in the world

  • Tommyg2002

    F in the chat bois

  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anml

    worry, your baby is doing great!

    • Timothy Stanley
      Timothy Stanley

      Baby is dead wake up farmville bank of America

  • Даниил Губанов
    Даниил Губанов

    We remember. Malcolm Young. Best guitarist ! ⚡🎸

  • Jennifer Marcelino
    Jennifer Marcelino

    Rest in Peace, Malcolm

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl

    worry, your baby is doing great!

  • 420Skater #SkateSpace
    420Skater #SkateSpace

    When it said BTS, I was like no fcking way... lmao

  • the real metalheads
    the real metalheads

    what going to be scary about this album when it comes out its actually going to be the best thing to happen in 2020

  • bilinas mini
    bilinas mini

    AC/DC has been part of my life since I was 15.

  • Lonardio

    Thank you, Mal. Because of you I started playing guitar. Rock In Peace 🔥

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl

      Don't mistake these for tears. My eyes are just sweating. RIP Malcolm Young and thank you for all that you did.

  • Johnny *Cash* Udo
    Johnny *Cash* Udo

    ... My youth is back. Thanks to Brain and Band.

  • Руслан Нейгум
    Руслан Нейгум


    • bilinas mini
      bilinas mini

      AC/DC has been part of my life since I was 15.

  • seiom jvony
    seiom jvony

    The wholesomeness of AC/DC is impossible to describe.

  • Tactikill44

    Brian is older than angus, but looks even younger

  • mikea hiooi
    mikea hiooi

    Brian's necklace looks like some kind of old silver coin. Interesting.

  • Fay Hardy
    Fay Hardy

    #PWRUP vengan a México 🇲🇽 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽♥️⚡

  • Allo You
    Allo You


    • Allo You
      Allo You

      Good ac dc cover

  • Hairy AldrichJr
    Hairy AldrichJr

    Unpopular Opinion: Mal always had a better guitar tone than Angus.

    • mikea hiooi
      mikea hiooi

      I watched this and instantly started bawling

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan

    Cant Wait

    • seiom jvony
      seiom jvony

      One word "Legends"

  • bmjv77

    AC/DC wouldn't exist in the first place without Malcolm.

  • Bobbie Stevens
    Bobbie Stevens

    Still get it raw.miss ol Malcolm this.

  • Rab Carroll
    Rab Carroll

    Rock in peace Mal🤟🏻

  • GamerMonkey

    Don't mistake these for tears. My eyes are just sweating. RIP Malcolm Young and thank you for all that you did.

  • Geddy Lee's Owl Nose
    Geddy Lee's Owl Nose

    damn seeing brian get alittle down hit me in the feels

  • UltimateIllusion 1991
    UltimateIllusion 1991

    Rock In Peace Mal

  • doliio volay
    doliio volay

    Aww Mal would be so proud of the boys for moving on and sparking the music world again. You can tell Angus misses his big brother

  • The Sherman show
    The Sherman show

    rest in peace malcome absolute legend of rock and rythm guitar.

  • leokimvideo

    ACDC is going to be like the Titanic, history will keep revisiting and telling their story.

    • Tactikill44


  • Dante GI
    Dante GI

    Nobody talks about the Brian's biceps?

  • Ulluminati

    One word "Legends"

  • TormentorMB

    Please come back to germany and let's rock Leipzig again! CU on stage!

  • Rock n roll Lover
    Rock n roll Lover

    I watched this and instantly started bawling

  • vLofHD

    Malcom would of ben very proud of this but hes probably even more proud of you guys for kicking your self's up at your age and making a new album and new everything with out his help all on your own and keeping his band going hes very proud of you guys

  • Nikolai Plotnikov
    Nikolai Plotnikov

    This is for Malcolm and Bon.

  • Glimjii

    We miss you Mal. While it's just not the same without you, I love that the band can come together and continue to make music and you'll always be with them and the fans in spirit. We love you Mal.

  • IntelAtomWarrior

    This album is special, because you can listen Malcolm too. Maybe this is not their best album but we need to love it as if it is were.


    Malcom⚡️⚡️⚡️ Malcom⚡️⚡️⚡️ Malcom⚡️⚡️⚡️ Whole lotta Roise ⚡️🔥🔥

  • Paul Markwell
    Paul Markwell

    That’s the most angus has said in a while

  • ShadowKnows

    Mrfergi i bought your 125 robux game hoping I could play but the game is way to laggy for me could I please have my robux back as I only had a little left when I bought the game User: CristianKnowsX Edit: This is the only way I could reach you R.I.P Malcolm

  • Marshall Adams
    Marshall Adams

    Greatest rock n roll band of all time. I said what I said

  • Jason Thunders
    Jason Thunders

    Restored my '71 VG Valiant hardtop...a long time,..body work etc.. Started doing the wiring...electrical work...at the same time...AC-DC... ¡POWER UP!💪💪👍👍

  • JayDee

    Fu€k it, I'm going down with the ship too then. AC/DC until my last draw.


    ♪♫ ✫....(⁀‵⁀) ....✫. `⋎´

  • Christopher Montoya
    Christopher Montoya

    Been listening to this band since junior high. Sad that Malcom is gone, but glad to see the band go on.

  • uh yeah-
    uh yeah-

    Rest in peace malcom.

  • PitestiMapper

    Malcolm and his Gretsch Angus with his SG Name 2 more duos, i'll wait....

  • Toasted Orange
    Toasted Orange

    I didn't know one had passed away...

  • Fran

    0:41 King Crimson!!!

  • Gonzalo Rivero
    Gonzalo Rivero


  • John Ferguson
    John Ferguson

    So good to see those two together again

  • James Thorley
    James Thorley

    RIP Malcolm Young, you are missed

  • Thirdfish

    Angus the 65 year old balding school kid. Too late to change I guess.

  • Josiah Luethje
    Josiah Luethje

    The moment angus said "I know malcom is no longer with us..." and brain hoops in with "Never far away." That shit right there made my eyes start to water man. RIP Malcom Young, died on my 17th birthday. Hate to see AC/DC go, those guys are my heros, but I'm glad that I'll always be able to listen to them whenever I'm down. Can't wait to hear the new album when it comes out. This one is for Mal 🍻🎸

  • Forever Angus Young
    Forever Angus Young

    I love you guys !! Thanks for beimg there and making what you do the best ! Rpck the hell out of the world !

  • jean bernard imbert
    jean bernard imbert

    I like this ac dc on livre cool

  • Felgercarb

    Dear Angus, if the band goes down with the ship I can assure you that some of us will go down with you as well. Malcom's band will NEVER be alone. Best regards from Denmark and please stay safe so you can make 50 more album's😂😎

  • Stewie Griffin
    Stewie Griffin

    Brian is quite a few years older than Angus but my little hero looks like he passed up Brian by several years.

  • Papa Mojet
    Papa Mojet


  • Nititam Prathumnoi
    Nititam Prathumnoi


  • y f
    y f

    I love you guys!! 😍 thanks for making this album. Can't wait for the full release.

  • Gonzalo

    I love AC/DC 🤘💀🤘

  • Elvis Has left the building
    Elvis Has left the building

    64 dislikes, people who either have no respect and or don't even know who Malcolm Young was.

  • Up There
    Up There


  • SoxArizona


  • Black Sheep Productions
    Black Sheep Productions


  • Михаил Суевалов
    Михаил Суевалов

    Здоровья им крепкого! Чтобы у фанатов волосы на руках от мурашек поднимались. Россия с Вами, ребята!!!

  • Amay Sharma
    Amay Sharma

    Let's not worry about malcolm because he would be performing with Freddie Mercury,Eddie Van Halen, Bowie and Hendrix in heaven

  • Mackinley J. Rattey
    Mackinley J. Rattey

    Recently just pre-ordered my Limited Edition Lightbox Deluxe Package, can’t wait hear rest of that album .

  • Rock and Roll will never die
    Rock and Roll will never die

    In pen I write Malcolm Young with a heart underneath on the palm of my hand. Its my tribute to Malcolm who is easily my favourite member of AC/DC and the person that got me into guitar. He has been part of my life since I was 5. I miss you Malcolm.

  • Burger Hood
    Burger Hood

    AC\DC AC/DC rock and roll from down under!!!

  • Zer0 Deaths
    Zer0 Deaths

    Everytime I see these boys they age another 5 years. 😥

  • MaksBotvinko

    30 секунд и я пустил слезу...

  • Samazhstras


  • Marina Pavlenko
    Marina Pavlenko

    you know ;)

  • Akronys

    0:33 And I ain't too old to hurry Cause I ain't too old to die But I sure am hard to beat

  • Robert Kaighin
    Robert Kaighin

    Every time I play an AC/DC tune, I am reminded how much of a contribution Mal made to the music world. RIP Mal.

  • Will Canada
    Will Canada

    Gentlemen it's been an honor and privilege to play with you tonight.

  • sivazh

    Cannot wait for the album release. Thanks a lot for so much guys. Malcom would be proud

  • Bhagawati Panta thapa
    Bhagawati Panta thapa

    Love you acdc I will always remember you my sons will remember you to acdc will always be in my heart.

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