AC/DC - Money Shot (Official Audio)
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  • Tiziana Solera
    Tiziana Solera

    Vi amo italy

  • Harsh

    No attentions seeking whores no vulgar lines no crappy this even possible in today's age and day??

  • Jesus 2030
    Jesus 2030

    Jesus is Lord...repent and you will have eternel life...hh

  • Steve Mehl
    Steve Mehl

    How many people do you know who were born with an overdrive pedal built into their larynx? That voice, mixed with two overdriven guitars is just gold! R.E.S.P.E.C.T.!

  • Sheldon T
    Sheldon T


  • Sergio Sabino
    Sergio Sabino

    Ave ac/dc.

  • Fred Marburger
    Fred Marburger

    Oh I hired him for the rest of the year off LMAO YOU got it from the REAPER OF TRUTH LOL I LOVE IT SO MUCH

  • Erbert Richard
    Erbert Richard

    sooo gooood

  • Hubert

    this song is going to be big!

  • noel vickers
    noel vickers

    To the 269 people who disliked, you need an antidote, try the money shot!

  • Filqka The Gamer
    Filqka The Gamer

    I believe that the cure for COVID is money shot. 🤟

  • Michael Sprinkle
    Michael Sprinkle

    Awesome music 4 their music please Keep up the music

  • Oren Guy
    Oren Guy

    Doctor Angus Young solved my case for sure

  • Jimmy MacD
    Jimmy MacD

    Thats my diagnosis !!

  • Lorna Kennedy
    Lorna Kennedy

    Sending off $100 next month.... wouldn't u like 2 no no nope...looking for information? Kiss my ass.

    • Unclebenny Gaming
      Unclebenny Gaming

      Good for you. This comment makes perfect sense.... /s

  • Kayten vd heuvel
    Kayten vd heuvel

    Im 14 and i grow up with this music and i never stopped listening it i dont like the new music this is what i listening al the time and i dont care wath other people saying but this is my life🤩🤘🏻🤘🏻

  • Bibash Rai
    Bibash Rai

    🤘🤘🤘❤️ no words to say

  • The night stalker
    The night stalker

    I liked JAJAJJAJAJA 🤟😎


    Brian sounds great !

  • s hoebert
    s hoebert


  • joe texas
    joe texas

    Brian Johnson to all the haters: “Try my money shot!” ⚡️⚡️⚡️

  • Marcus Starr
    Marcus Starr

    This song needs a video. Full of strippers and debauchery.

  • Todd Moody
    Todd Moody

    If I’m having a “bad” day at work I just turn on the boys and FUCK YEAH! My day just got better! Everybody can SUCK IT! AC/DC RULES!!!!!!!!

  • gutto rocha
    gutto rocha

    best lead guitar on power up!

  • chris gp
    chris gp

    It could be contagious

  • jason h
    jason h

    Oh a new ACDC song, time to bring up that bon scott

  • Alien Alien
    Alien Alien

    Legendaire la musique truc de fou je surkifff

  • Sean Casey
    Sean Casey

    This album is the shit 🤘🏼 AC/DC if y'all go on tour I'll be there front row!!! 🤘🏼🤘🏼

  • Katherin Cortes
    Katherin Cortes

    I like it!🤗

  • Adam Holtz
    Adam Holtz

    As for ACDC they still got it !!! Rockin' just as hard as ever !!!

  • Dale Moro
    Dale Moro

    This song is classic acdc. Love it. I think it's the best song on the album.


    From the back in black album to power up they still sound like the best rock band

  • Juanita Beckman
    Juanita Beckman


  • Sebastian Lugo
    Sebastian Lugo

    Future Wrestlemania 37 theme Book It Vince 👀

  • Sujith muthukumarana
    Sujith muthukumarana

    super 🎸🎸🎸

  • Monica Garcia
    Monica Garcia

    Eles são demais,AMO

  • Alien Fetus420
    Alien Fetus420

    After two months of the release, THIS IS THE BEST SONG

  • Ottorino Gentile
    Ottorino Gentile

    I'm 104 years old,and still dance with AC/DC.

    • Twinks '
      Twinks '

      Now that’s fucking rock and roll

  • Brainscanner

    "Feeling the rock n' roll mood" everytime I hear Angus' riffs

  • Leno R
    Leno R

    best song on the album

  • Cristian González
    Cristian González


  • Bob Cobb
    Bob Cobb

    Now take this down

  • J Espigares
    J Espigares

    AC⚡DC Forever with us!

  • pinanti

    This is one hell of an album. Thanks AC/DC !


    🍉💥 ABSOLUTELY 💥⚡

  • Myles Adams
    Myles Adams

    When did this album come out and what is it called?

    • Calming Relaxation
      Calming Relaxation

      december last year i believe and its called power up

  • Huh

    This is Best song on the down is fukn kick ass too!

  • PS 4
    PS 4

    AC ⚡ DC ❤️❤️❤️🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱❤️❤️❤️🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱❤️❤️❤️🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱❤️❤️❤️🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱

  • The JC Show
    The JC Show

    🎸C.O.D... caare of the devil , C.O.D... a devil in me🗣️

  • Sarah Michelle
    Sarah Michelle

    They’re living proof that if you know just a handful of chords and possess excellent rhythm with a great feel for Rock ‘N Roll and some Blues, you can never be as good as them. Just buy their records, get your friends together and make great memories and experiences while these guys play your life soundtrack.

  • Roman Schrimpf
    Roman Schrimpf


  • Roman Schrimpf
    Roman Schrimpf


  • Roman Schrimpf
    Roman Schrimpf

    I can just imagine the Boyz during the chorus, especially Cliff and Phil❤️🍾🥂🥂🍾🥂

  • Gord

    AC/DC could do a world tour just on this album alone, throw in a few classics like 'Girls Got Rhythm' and 'Walk All Over You'!

  • Ri3he GunPro
    Ri3he GunPro

    Back in Black (1980) The Razors Edge (1990) Stiff Upper Lip (2000) Power Up (2020)

  • Jérome Bouchot
    Jérome Bouchot

    So strong this sound !!! 👏👏🥂🥂

  • P.P.A 1209
    P.P.A 1209

    I'm part of the new generation and to my knowledge acdc isnt really that big but I love like all the songs of acdc and as of Christmas day km the proud owner of the acdc deluxe album

    • dave s
      dave s

      They have the second best selling album of all time (Back in Black), behind Michael Jackson's "Thriller". They are #7 on the all time list of album sales for Rock Artist, only being behind (Pink Floyd, Elton John, Billy Joel, Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, and The Beatles). They are ahead of the Rolling Stones, and they are gaining on #6 and #5 (Pink Floyd, and Elton John and may pass them to get to #5). So they are one of the biggest, best, and well known groups of all time.

    • P.P.A 1209
      P.P.A 1209


  • Andrés Young
    Andrés Young

    This song live is gonna be wild

  • Mark Engel
    Mark Engel

    1973, age of peace and love was ending and along came some dudes coined AC/DC. Dave Evans was the original singer but then came Bon. Bon was the best frontman ever to grace a stage. How many of you posting actually understand just how long lived and how successful this band is. Angus is a brilliant financier and despite losing Bon and Malcolm he has managed to keep the franchise rolling. I doubt it's about contracts and legal obligations, I think Angus just want's to have fun and we are the beneficiaries!

  • Steven David
    Steven David

    This album became a classic the moment it was released. More picture frames for your walls - make space or make more walls.

  • a.ramappa

    AC/DC...thanks for being around mates. 🤘🏽

  • Trenton Flooring and Furniture
    Trenton Flooring and Furniture

    AC/DC = the antidote for 2020

  • Lefteris Kanavouras
    Lefteris Kanavouras

    This song reminds me a lot of ''you shook me all night long''.The dynamics and the rhythm are pretty much the same.I love it!

  • Ken Wiese
    Ken Wiese

    I'm a stornch ACDC fan and I'm telling you'd this is one of there greatest songs

  • Valentino Guglielmi
    Valentino Guglielmi

    FIshows: put a ad of this song and the chanel Me: yes

  • MarkanVaran7

    this is a covid shot. Thank you ACDC, now I don't need a vaccine.

  • Bry A
    Bry A

    Say lets go lets go .letssss get lit just a idea

  • eduardo amor arocas
    eduardo amor arocas

    Money, money, aquí hay pastuqui para TODOS/AS !

  • Memes 4 the masses
    Memes 4 the masses

    2:35 the reason this song is stuck in my head

  • Johnny Rocker
    Johnny Rocker

    Let me simplify this...They Kick Ass!

  • Fernando Nunes
    Fernando Nunes

    felling the rock n roll mood... 🎶

  • Stephen Nicky
    Stephen Nicky

    Great song great band what do U expect?

  • Michał W
    Michał W

    Now i have the nostalgia back to summer 2012 when i was 4 years old and my dad showed me the acdc album. From that day it’s my favourite band 🤘🤟

  • ByJosess

    Hell's flames keep burning thanks to ACDC! Thanks for your music guys!

  • Georgium Sidus
    Georgium Sidus

    Good of the lads to do a PSA for vaccination this holiday season.

  • Seth Banzai
    Seth Banzai

    Diamonds are forever and so is Acca Dacca.

  • _rc

    Getting those Flick of the Switch vibes off this track

  • Gord Orr
    Gord Orr

    ACDC is Contagious.....

  • NonSmokers.DK

    Very nice

  • equineartist

    DAMN!!! This song is GREAT!!! I love Brian's -- OOH -- right after Angus' super solo!!

  • monmixer

    Any notice that Cliff came back when Axle was gone? I would have loved to be a fly on the wall in some of the conversations about Axle. He has calmed down a lot but he is still Axle.

  • Jimena Felice
    Jimena Felice


  • The Military Channel
    The Military Channel

    Like who rather want money shot than anti-covid19 shot.

  • Pablo Alfaro
    Pablo Alfaro

    Rendido antes los maestros

  • Michał Namysło
    Michał Namysło

    Kto z Polski ??? AC/DC power!!!

  • Fergus Blackhall
    Fergus Blackhall

    A great catchy tune !!

  • Maria K
    Maria K

    The elite's fave song bahahah

  • stefano satch
    stefano satch


  • Teddy Settlemire
    Teddy Settlemire

    thanks AC\DC now if I can just find a dame ps5 that would be just great

  • acdc113089

    The way Brian sings Doctor and Lady in the chorus reminds me of Honey What Do You Do For Money. Amazing song. Incredible band.


    Very nice beat from Phil Rudd on the opener ...Brian Johnson is putting together some absolutely fantastic vocals on this song ...very catchy ...groovy....Angus always there and don't forget Cliff ..everpresent !

    • Mark Engel
      Mark Engel

      Cliff makes this tune, prominent bass! Glover would be proud!

  • Jailbreak _79
    Jailbreak _79

    I was there when this album was released that day in November in 2020.

  • Jailbreak _79
    Jailbreak _79

    Guys this song is ready to be played at their next concert. Isn't it?

    • Daniel Hartin
      Daniel Hartin

      Hopefully, but we have a particular bug to deal with first.

  • seanvanbelkom

    That rhythm part in the solo is so catchy and so good to listen, Stevie Young did a excellent job on this. One off the best albums in a long time🤟

  • John Parker
    John Parker

    I'm present as a 13 year old

  • RTFeign

    The beginning riff really reminds me of Rock n roll train and that makes me like this song even more! 🤘🏻

  • Headbanger142

    What's the anidote for Corona virus? Obvious the Money Shot, best taken when hot!

  • Malgorzata Drabik
    Malgorzata Drabik

    In 20 years: ACDC: *plays amazing riff* don't die pls


    So nobody is gonna talk about the antidote being nut all up in her mouth?