AC/DC - Kick You When You're Down (Official Audio)
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  • Emilio Gonzalez Pastoriza
    Emilio Gonzalez Pastoriza


  • Gord Orr
    Gord Orr

    The power is awesome....TURN IT UP FULL BLAST!

  • Spartano Guerriero
    Spartano Guerriero

    Super super super mitici

  • Spartano Guerriero
    Spartano Guerriero

    Super super super mitici

  • Margorie Galilea Maldonado
    Margorie Galilea Maldonado


  • steven roderick
    steven roderick

    Simply, thank you !!!

  • X Æ A-Xii
    X Æ A-Xii

    At least the comments are not blocked :)

  • Tiziana Solera
    Tiziana Solera

    I love you italy

  • T L
    T L

    Just Saying.. Swing

    • Calming Relaxation
      Calming Relaxation

      Malcolm always used that word 😔 he would be so happy though

  • Duncan Stephenson
    Duncan Stephenson

    When you're in a bar fight competing for $1000

  • WMDigital

    Helo guys my the ac dc good amazing plense stop and covid the ac dc the amazing goodddd

  • Ralph Married
    Ralph Married

    I have recorded a cover of this one. I have played it in the old acdc style (Bon Scott). You can hear It in my channel. Thank you!

  • Guitarbhoy

    Can just imagine the whole crowd screaming "oh no" along with the band live!! This would be an absolute killer song live!! 🤘

  • Steve Mehl
    Steve Mehl

    How many people do you know who were born with an overdrive pedal built into their larynx? That voice, mixed with two overdriven guitars is just gold! R.E.S.P.E.C.T.!

  • Casper Ghost
    Casper Ghost

    this song kicks freaking ass dude! Angus bringing the thunder as usual

  • Sheldon T
    Sheldon T


  • Cynthia León
    Cynthia León

    ACDC jamás morirá ♥️

  • Szymon Orlik
    Szymon Orlik

    This and Demon Fire ja my favorit songs🤘👏👏

  • torqque one
    torqque one

    These hip hop scotch rif-rappers could learn a thing or twelve from some real musician performers about "RIPPING" tunes.

  • Beto Noriega
    Beto Noriega

    queremos que manden sus videos clips virtuales de ac/dc por favor

  • M0nTyKe

    I think Tony Stark regrets now that he sacrificed himself in Endgame and didn't get to hear this album

  • C P B
    C P B

    Phil of acdc

  • Lisa Borsella
    Lisa Borsella


  • Lisa Borsella
    Lisa Borsella

    Thank you for this ! I heard it going while I was doing something, and I hear- who else? AC/CD?? - I am thinking-Has to be old.. but no I know every one of their songs. But it is them, or a superb cover band. Let's go see- it's THEM- but how do they still look and sound so great?! I know... they either pray to the devil, or they are just great, and always will be, as legends are! Yes it is my second guess. LOL. when you got it you got it! End of story. But why do they kick you when you're down? Hehe.


    Oooooo YEAHH

  • Jimmy MacD
    Jimmy MacD

    Oh no 🤘

  • Dale Wrazen
    Dale Wrazen

    This song is going to be a big HIT!

  • Scarface_ Nixon
    Scarface_ Nixon

    Those riffs are so hypnotic

  • Lorna Kennedy
    Lorna Kennedy

    Evict this 😈☀️

  • Ross Ross
    Ross Ross

    This is the best song on the new album 🤘

  • Leon Farthing
    Leon Farthing

    still a question I have. WHY DO THE KICK ME WHEN IM DOWN?

  • elbronco80

    The production work on the this album is amazing. they really have never sounded better. thank god for AC/DC. they may have saved the world and the only good thing of 2020

  • Klemen Rožič Šoštar
    Klemen Rožič Šoštar

    Today came my CD⚡⚡⚡

  • Robert Moore
    Robert Moore

    Another classic as always

  • Fred Flintstone
    Fred Flintstone

    The evil pharisees call it the donkey punch, Katy.

  • Samsquash 68
    Samsquash 68

    Thanks for coming back everyone, especially Brian, the "alternatives" were not to my liking, rock on Malcolm

  • IgorArts

    Álbum foda da porra

  • Karl Heinz
    Karl Heinz

    Not really 😎🤣i have to hear it again and again

  • Jaron S.
    Jaron S.

    Why do they kick you when you're down. Oh nooo!!!!!!

  • Ram Jam
    Ram Jam

    Johnson volvió a sonar como en los 80's

  • Yisus Splash
    Yisus Splash

    I love this riff

  • bk mnp3
    bk mnp3


  • bk mnp3
    bk mnp3

    ad⚡ dc

  • bk mnp3
    bk mnp3


  • bk mnp3
    bk mnp3


  • Brian Jetton
    Brian Jetton

    Dedicated to all my Democrat friends out there...

  • Manuele Palmieri
    Manuele Palmieri

    Oh my god!!

  • DJ Statyk
    DJ Statyk

    I WILL be buying this on Vinyl. Just sayin'...

  • Jeri Halter
    Jeri Halter

    This album rocks!

  • josephine Scopis
    josephine Scopis

    Hook line and sinker boys and girls. Love the new cd but this song is the best one on the track.


    Just Superb , wow what a BRILLIANT song ---- Magnificent Album

  • BeeTheImmortal

    This album is the biggest surprise of 2020 for me, and it fucking rules

  • JayDee


  • Illuminated Skeletons
    Illuminated Skeletons

    Brian Johnson's voice is in a total sweet-spot on this album. He's got all the character of his later era voice, but with more cutting edge, sustain, a ton of power and that classic, gravelly edge. Marvellous stuff! The band sound totally on it as well!

  • Mhm Mhm
    Mhm Mhm

    All the hackers of the world unite! When you're down.😁

  • Mhm Mhm
    Mhm Mhm


  • Fedee Dainotta
    Fedee Dainotta

    The best truck from this album for me. I cant stop to listening

  • James Beads
    James Beads

    This whole new CD by AC/DC is kick ass have ears they will tour great CD power up by AC/DC

  • The Terminator
    The Terminator

    Because they have nothing better to do....... 😈😈😈😈😈

  • BIGJAKE 1775
    BIGJAKE 1775

    I have 2 kids (7 and 3) and this is their favorite song from the new album. They love AC/DC!!

  • Ruedi Ratlos
    Ruedi Ratlos

    Old guys feel young again. Thank you

  • Mon Calimari Mon Calimari
    Mon Calimari Mon Calimari

    The people who disliked were kicked. When they were down.

  • Catherine McLeod
    Catherine McLeod

    The bass should be a bit louder than it's perfection

  • Don Sonier
    Don Sonier

    Very catchy! If music was a vaccine for the CRAP going on these days, this album could be it

  • Gay witch
    Gay witch

    If ur listing to AC DC in 2021, u have good taste in music my friend 🤟

  • Michael Stone
    Michael Stone

    That little woo! at :17... makes it.

  • Walber Mendes
    Walber Mendes

    O Rock n Roll Respira!!! 🔥❤

  • Herojit Meitei
    Herojit Meitei

    My favourite male vocalist of all time


    AC⚡️DC - válvula de escape 👊🤘


    🍉💥 ABSOLUTELY 💥⚡

  • roman xxx
    roman xxx

    Ilove AC/DC

  • Israel R
    Israel R

    My 5 and 4 year old love singing this song! Great album

  • Thanasis Simotas
    Thanasis Simotas

    It has been many long long years since the last Rock album so we are more than excited for the Power!!!

  • Gord

    AC/DC was no fluke of nature, they rule for a reason.

  • Steven Ware Jr.
    Steven Ware Jr.

    And bon scott probable

  • Jean Paul Notredame
    Jean Paul Notredame

    Ben v'la ti pas nu nouveau bon groupe ? Moi j'dis!

  • Ri3he GunPro
    Ri3he GunPro

    Back in Black (1980) The Razors Edge (1990) Stiff Upper Lip (2000) Power Up (2020)

  • The_Razors_edge 28
    The_Razors_edge 28

    The legend brian is back watch out world he’s ready to fight

  • Chris Ernest
    Chris Ernest

    This band always been awesome

  • Shadow Mood Beats
    Shadow Mood Beats

    Lyrics : As you're slipping down the wall And you're headed for a fall As you're slipping down the wall Why do they kick you when you're down? Why do they kick you when you're down? Hey, mama Why are you beating on my head? Hey, hey, woman Why do you kick me outta bed? I said Is it something, is it something that I said? Why do they kick you when you're down? (Oh no) Why do they kick you when you're down? (Oh no) As you're slippin' down the wall And you're headed for a fall Why do they kick you when you're down? Why do they kick you when you're down? Shady lady You think that money grows on trees Rotten apples by the barrel ain't a delicacy And you see Is this is the way, the way it's meant to be? Why do they kick you when you're down? (Oh no) Why do they kick you when you're down? (Oh no) As you're slippin' down the wall And you're headed for a fall Why do they kick you when you're down? (Oh no) so down And I don't need to say To say it ain't a sacrifice Is this is the way, the way it's meant to be? Why do they kick you when you're down? (Oh no) Why do they kick you when you're down? (Oh no) That you're slippin' down a wall And you're headed for a fall Why do they kick you when you're down? Why do they kick you when you're down? (Oh no) Why do they kick you when you're down? (Oh no) Why do they kick you? Man, they're trying to trick you when you're down

  • generalxanos

    This is godly rock, agreed. But the philosophical question "Why kick you when you're down?" is simple. THERE IS NO TIME BETTER TO KICK SOMEONE. I'm not a fan of putting a boot in, I don't endorse it, but simple logistics dictates a point A: prone, is the ideal time to kick. You think it's easy to kick someone in a wheelchair?!?! NO!.. unless you tip over the wheelchair. Then it's easy. DO NOT KICK PUPPIES! Or babies, unless it's to save a life.

  • Avery Martinez
    Avery Martinez

    Code red is my favorite

  • Estiven Oña
    Estiven Oña

    ¿Dónde está el sujeto que coloca las letras?

  • terri herron
    terri herron


  • Tweaker_revolution 909
    Tweaker_revolution 909

    I remind people that I'm not going always be down. I'm going to get back up and address their actions accordingly. And it will be more ugly than they can even imagine. And I will address the matter upfront and direct. Welcome to this things called "adulthood "

  • Amanda Waine Anderson
    Amanda Waine Anderson


  • альберт гаврилов
    альберт гаврилов

    Такой классический звук гибсона! После 2012 года даже не сразу верится такой нежданьчик от отцов рока!

  • Edgar Martins
    Edgar Martins


  • You- Thought-bot
    You- Thought-bot

    @drumthany hi

  • MO Maverick
    MO Maverick

    A tribute song, for all of us in the world! 2020, has been a "BITCH" of a year!!!

  • Jürgen Weller
    Jürgen Weller

    Because of them I cannnot hear soft music anymore.....ok Metallica also matters!

  • Christopher Cadmus
    Christopher Cadmus

    Good to know acdc is still rocking!!! And good to know that they will never stop!!!

  • Patrick R.
    Patrick R.

    Kicking ass in 2020

  • admtech69

    Angus' solo can strip the paint off walls.

  • Ray Oficial
    Ray Oficial


  • Ray Oficial
    Ray Oficial


  • Ryan scaffidi
    Ryan scaffidi

    Cool song!

  • A. B.
    A. B.

    I love this Song its Power up your mind to hold be strong against covid 19 cant wait covid 19 is over and i can get to the World Tour from acdc to germany please please please 😎

  • Krayzi Jay
    Krayzi Jay

    THE best thing to come out of this foul year of our lord 2020

  • Jens Trimpe
    Jens Trimpe

    Holy sh#t ... AC / DC are the best Band ever....and ever ...and all over the universe!!!! They rock's so amazing!!! .\m/