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  • Gb Manu's Drummer
    Gb Manu's Drummer

    I'Manuele and I love your songs. My father was a guitar player. I'10 years old and I come from Italy. I've studied to become a drummer. Sorry for my bad English and for audio of my video. You are the best band. fishows.info/post/osVuotOeX5G117s/videot.html

  • Nextothemoon

    Damn Reet me lads!

  • clint johnson
    clint johnson

    You got it down alright! Just watched the realize video- great job guys mal would be proud!

  • PS 4
    PS 4

    AC ⚡ DC ❤️❤️❤️🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱❤️❤️❤️🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱❤️❤️❤️🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱❤️❤️❤️🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱

  • Mf421


  • Hammeredprawn

    I have to say this. If it wasn’t for tony hawk I would never have discovered my favourite band of all time. AC/DC 🤘🏻🖤😈

    • Weslesillo Reyes
      Weslesillo Reyes

      R u serios?!? You came here from tony!?! When i was 2 i was playing rock band... well not really playing but u know jumpn and holdn the guitar listening to AC DC now i am 11 and still love them and now i can play their songs on my guitar. U got them from tony hawk?!! U noob XD

  • David Oisten
    David Oisten

    Wear a color

  • Sam S
    Sam S

    I have the album and the first three songs are probably their best in years. Through the mists of time is also a good one.

  • Unlikely Heroes
    Unlikely Heroes

    opens off the album with a bang - the emotion comes out - cheers

  • Ellen Conway Vietri
    Ellen Conway Vietri

    Any chance ACDC would play PowerUp at one of the cruise ships like rockers use for one of the limited gigs they’ve hinted at once the virus calms down , vaccines and testing are in place etc. in ‘21? I would think other fans like me would like that while giving the band some different live scenarios for playing, testing out the technology, rehearsing for bigger gigs later... Hope so, we need them to bring their brand of joy to the fans and the fans need to show our appreciation and homage to Malcolm, getting the lineup together to play those Vaulted gems and experience them in the AC/DC way👖👟🦘⚡️🔥🥇🎸🎤🎹🎼🚚🚁🛰🚢✈️☕️🛀🏻🅿️🆙 🇦🇺🇬🇧

  • John Smith
    John Smith


  • RB company
    RB company

    Angus-Brian keep rocking through the mists of time. Love the album. Love AC/DC from india.✌️🤘

  • Daniel Melo
    Daniel Melo


  • Reinis

    I loved to hear PWRUP about Bon Scott.

  • damguitarNYC

    You and Tesla on tour 2021!!!!

  • Kostyantyn Chechelnitsky
    Kostyantyn Chechelnitsky

    AC/DC I love You.

  • Boogieman

    The 42 people liked this video so much they gave it a second thumbs up by pushing the thumbs down

  • Wallace Ingram Jr.
    Wallace Ingram Jr.

    Go acdc!

  • Wallace Ingram Jr.
    Wallace Ingram Jr.

    Acdc I cant tell u how much u mean to me..as a young teen,an adult,a budding musician ..u guys have always been there! To see your album be so great at this stage of yalls career is not a surprise and no surprise knowing the acdc spirit and dedication we all know and love acdc brings! I respect so much your musicianship...thats unparalleled but also just the work ethic you bring in your shows and recordings.. Thank you! Wallace- life long fan! Austin texas Brushy Creek Boyz!!

  • Luis Rene
    Luis Rene

    Ok AC DC ok

  • Hector Santalucia
    Hector Santalucia

    Que significa lo que dijo Angus

  • leokimvideo

    The absolute respect focused on Malcolm Young is incredible. ACDC are making sure we never forget Mal.

  • Charlie Bonnet III
    Charlie Bonnet III

    I've been rocking this new AC/DC stuff non stop... Love it!!

  • Mf421

    A lot of great tracks on the album. Love it 😍

  • Kirby Ray
    Kirby Ray

    Always with you!

  • Ken Williamson
    Ken Williamson

    I'm with you! I think Angus wrote the words so I'm sure he had Malcolm on his mind.....the whole thing is such a lovely tribute! All this has been such a pleasure in such a screwball year!

  • Craig Lee
    Craig Lee

    Received CD today....but Red vynal 33...sad but true..little help please...

  • frank nerazzurro
    frank nerazzurro

    Band fantastic. AC ⚡DC. Stay Rock.

  • Joey Dante
    Joey Dante

    Love this song it’s really great

  • José Freitas Oliveira
    José Freitas Oliveira


  • M. FM.
    M. FM.

    Are you uploading these for every track?

  • devison

    Brasil ama vocês😂🤗♥️

  • Dino Ferrante
    Dino Ferrante

    we miss you so much Malcolm, but I know you're having a lot of laughs looking at us and from up there with Bon .... we miss you... ciao

  • Extinct Avian
    Extinct Avian

    That SG with the lightning bolt inlays NEEDS to be a signature model

  • Mikki PT
    Mikki PT

    Listened to it for the first time on 24 in the car today. Awesome old school ACDC. Love it.

  • Beautiful Program
    Beautiful Program

    Just imagine How many People are Listening to this Song with you Right now 🎧

  • Johnatan

    É impressão minha ou ele tá igual o Amaral um olho caído e o outro normal?

  • Devil Breathes Ez
    Devil Breathes Ez

    For Those About To Rock... REALIZE... ROCK N ROLL AINT NOISE POLLUTION... 😆...

  • Jailbreak _79
    Jailbreak _79

    Mal would be proud of this album.

  • AC/DC.4.LIFE !
    AC/DC.4.LIFE !

    🔥🔥CODE RED🔥🔥

  • AussieMick

    Big huh, hmmm I like big, bosoms springs to mind. Yeah I just realised big bosoms. Sweet

  • good clash
    good clash

    Thats somekidn of so emotionally love you

  • Burger Hood
    Burger Hood

    If this is hell then you can say its heavenly...Hell ain't bad place to be...Malcolm rocked the stage on that live version in Australia

  • Roberto Simon
    Roberto Simon

    Angus AND Brian on realize Brian: its big that song, its real big.

  • Hudson Sir, He’s Hicks
    Hudson Sir, He’s Hicks

    I get the feeling these two are like real brothers very attuned to each other. I mean, they’ve known each other since the 70’s when Brian was in another band, before joining AC/DC. Someone like that is practically your second shadow. It must of been very hard on Brian losing Malcom just as it was for Angus. Brian’s integration into the band directly after the passing of Bon was so mind boggingly seamless and convincing (and so well accepted) I can’t think of another lead singer transition that worked as well

    • Swastika Atharva
      Swastika Atharva

      You got it right mate

  • Lourdes Ramos flores
    Lourdes Ramos flores

    Like and band

  • Rodrigo Vera
    Rodrigo Vera

    Muy Bueno El Video

  • Rodrigo Vera
    Rodrigo Vera

    Muy Bueno El Video

  • María Rosa Mosquera
    María Rosa Mosquera

    Mis guapísimos!!!🤗👏


    Angus é o rei das guitarras 😳

  • Axl Sime
    Axl Sime

    Malcom!!! Malcom!! Malcom!!!

  • Mundo de Peter
    Mundo de Peter


  • Алекс Зандер
    Алекс Зандер

    DC / РУЛЯТ!

  • Rossriver31

    Congratulations guys you wrote a Midnight Oil song

  • Samantha Giffard
    Samantha Giffard

    I love 😍💕😍💕😍 back in black

  • Niki Art
    Niki Art

    New video reaction BTS fishows.info/post/epOVfb27hZCYuLc/videot.html

  • Gilberto Nascimento
    Gilberto Nascimento

    AC/DC é eterno. Vc nunca vai ser esquecido Malcolm Young RIP!

  • Ary Villalba
    Ary Villalba

    Siempre recordaremos a Malcom Yougn el fundaro de esta gran banda AC/DC

  • Mf421


  • Maverick Channel
    Maverick Channel

    ​@ watch thiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssss

  • Akronys

    I would love to hear them talk about Through the Mists of Time, I feel that song is very special.

    • Mike Dolan
      Mike Dolan

      @Templário do Rock I'm sorry to hear that, dude. Rock n Roll will never die. It lives and breathes forever because of guys like Mal. She's always with you. ✌🤘

    • Templário do Rock
      Templário do Rock

      Indeed it is Mate... That's Why Brian said he feels chils about it. And I Know it very Well too, because my Wife passed away almost 2 Years ago, with ME, which also leads to dementia... Keep Rockin all the Way Boys!!!

    • Otto von Steinberg
      Otto von Steinberg

      @Mike Dolan so will I, him and Angus are the reason I picked up guitar

    • Paul Cooper
      Paul Cooper

      @Mike Dolan since many times I listen to AC/DC, this song's the first time I cry.

    • Paul Cooper
      Paul Cooper

      You're not the only one, but maybe they'll talk about it later.

  • enriqueresident

    si existiera una poción para rejuvenecer y prolongar la vida, quienes la merecieran fueran ELLOS... para que sigan muchos años más creando música de verdad y no la basura de ahora en día.. T.T

    • Jose Cotorruelo
      Jose Cotorruelo


  • Candido Siqueira
    Candido Siqueira

    Angus Young 🎸🎸 espetacular irreverente Ac ⚡ dc 🤘☠️🎸🇧🇷

  • Alison Penelope Pitstop Scarborough
    Alison Penelope Pitstop Scarborough

    Top shelf indeed 🤘🎸🎙🥁⚡🍻

    • Tyson phillip
      Tyson phillip

      Hello Alison...... Nice to meet you

  • Karen Mae
    Karen Mae


  • Francisco Vilanova
    Francisco Vilanova


  • Raymond Lawson
    Raymond Lawson


  • YesManNomad

    Incredible album opener.

  • Alexandra Shportiy
    Alexandra Shportiy

    AC/DC! Guys, you are the best!❤😎🤘

  • Chindian360

    These album rocks 🎸 my album in da mail on its way can't wait 🙌 😀 😊 ✌🇨🇦🍻🥳

  • insta max_the_only_one_
    insta max_the_only_one_

    Its now three years ago... and he still keeps rocking !

  • Kim Whitney
    Kim Whitney

    3 yrs ago today Mal left us but his spirit carries on. It's great to see them back for Mal. Thank You AC/DC for the great music that keeps us all going. PWRUP!!🎸🤘

  • Matias Mosovich
    Matias Mosovich

    Please, someone traduces this??? Traduzcan esto no le entendi una poronga a Angus!! encima que modula mal, no le entendi un carajo... AGUANTE AC/DC viejo!

  • Mr. Kincaid
    Mr. Kincaid

    My favorite one from the album.

  • Nubia Mirella
    Nubia Mirella

    Pqp a perfeição!🖤

  • Ernesto Reveres
    Ernesto Reveres

    When they gonna release the demon fire video


    It's big, that album!


    Et bien ils en sont rendus à faire ça pour fourguer leur cd


    The raw power!!! The imagination! The feelings! The hunger!! The will! The pain! The Struggle!!!! It's 2020 and all that is lost!! Comfort and information killed IMAGINATION!..................WAKE UP!!!!!! A renaissance is coming! grab your instruments! LET IT BE YOUR VOICE!!! START A MUSIC MOVEMENT IN YOUR CITY!!!!!!! THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX!!!!!BREAK THE RULES!!!!!! THE TIME IS NOW!!!!!!! BEYOND ROCK N ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Crested Saguaro
    Crested Saguaro

    Woohoo! AC⚡DC has *7 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!*

  • She Bones
    She Bones

    RIP Mal... 1953 - 2017 😔⚡ See you in the stars... 🖤

  • Славян


  • Dionysos

    They're still so cute. We love AC⚡DC

  • Dylan Price
    Dylan Price

    So glad ACDC is back!!

  • Djay Pharaoh
    Djay Pharaoh

    Love it

  • M Forte
    M Forte

    Great album 💿

  • Harinezumi

    Oh yeah, it's one of the best songs in the album! Very catchy :D

  • Anjie

    Angus and Brian 🤘❤❤ RIP Malcolm 🧡

  • Laserowy Kuba
    Laserowy Kuba

    AC/DC - the ⚡ which is actually good Greetings from Poland

  • David Brassard
    David Brassard

    They are BIG!

  • xSMOKEx

    Great album, good way to pass the rest of 2020, listening to it everyday.

  • Lica Vlog
    Lica Vlog

    I Love U ANGUS 💕💕💕💕💕

  • Not N
    Not N

    AC/DC величайшая группа всех времен.

  • G.O.T. Official
    G.O.T. Official

    Malcolm young RIP 18 NOV 2017

  • Dougsie

    I'm sure Malcom would be very proud of this release.

  • Emma López 3E
    Emma López 3E

    Very good band

  • Jesse Clarke
    Jesse Clarke

    you guys are Legends AC⚡DC

  • petter baarli
    petter baarli

    Matthew is so right . Period .

  • Denis Mendoza
    Denis Mendoza

    Última gran gira y Argentina los espera!!!

  • I love AC DC
    I love AC DC

    3 years ago. RIP (Rock In Peace) Malcolm😢

    • I love AC DC
      I love AC DC

      @Swastika Atharva yeah I was thinking about that. And they have done a song called RIP ( Rock In Peace) too.

    • Swastika Atharva
      Swastika Atharva

      Exactly "rock in peace" coz rockstars never rest even in heaven , Malcolm would have been rocking in heaven

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